Chlorinator Pro CP-15 Cell
Replacement for Hayward™ T-Cell-15
For Pools up to 40,000 gallons
$579 + Free Shipping in USA
2 year warranty

Salt Cell Replacement — T-Cell-15

Chlorinator Pro's generic replacement cell for the Hayward Model™ T-15 was designed to maximize efficiency and life expectancy. The electrodes are coated with an extra heavy deposit of the precious metals Ru and Ir. That means higher electrical conductivity and increased catalytic action.

CP-15 Specifications

Input Voltage: 24 VDC Electrodes: Titanium Coated with Ru & Ir
Salinity Range: 2700-3400 ppm Cell Cable: 15 Feet
Chlorine Output: Approx 1 oz/hr    

Replacing your Aqua Rite T-CELL-15

Hayward Goldline Aquarite T-Cell-15 salt cells have a limited life. Like all cells, the action of salt water passing over specially treated titanium plates eventually causes a wear out of those plates. Other factors such as length of time running the pump, your output cycle, the water temperature and water chemistry play an important role in determining cell life. The Chlorinator Pro CP-15 is an exact fit generic replacement cell that will operate in the same manner as the T-Cell-15. More...

Replacing your Hayward Goldline ProLogic T-Cell-15

The ProLogic T-Cell-15 replaced the AquaLogic T-Cell-15 in 2008. Both cells can be replaced by the Chlorinator Pro CP-15 generic cell. More...

Replacement Cell Installation

It’s quite an easy job to replace your Hayward Goldline T-Cell-15 with our generic Chlorinator Pro CP-15 cell. The key is not to be in a rush. Take your time lining up both ends of the cell with your unions and slowly thread each side on, alternating back and forth until hand tightened. More...

Salt Cell Replacement Maintenance

Your Hayward Goldline Aquarite and ProLogic systems will remind you every 500 hours to check the Chlorinator Pro CP-15 cell to see if there is calcium buildup on the cell plates. Either look thru the clear housing or remove the cell to inspect. If calcium is present, follow these instructions to clean. More...

Chlorinator Pro is the best choice for generic saltwater cell replacement because of its commitment to service. We pride ourselves on answering questions in a timely fashion. Your pool is very important to us. SEE BELOW TO PLACE AN ORDER...

Questions? Please contact We will get back to you by the next business day.

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