Chlorinator Pro CP-15 Cell
Replacement for Hayward™ T-Cell-15
For Pools up to 40,000 gallons
$579 + Free Shipping in USA
2 year warranty

Cell Maintenance

It is recommended that you visually inspect the cell every three months or after cleaning your filter. The chlorinator controller will remind you to do this by the flashing of the “Inspect Cell” LED after about 500 hours of operation. After you inspect the cell and clean if necessary, press the small “diagnostic” button next to the display for 3 seconds to stop the flashing “Inspect Cell” LED and reset the time for the next 500 hours.

The electrolytic cell has a self-cleaning feature incorporated in the controller system. In most cases this self-cleaning action will keep the cell working at optimum efficiency. In some areas where the water is hard (caused by high mineral content) and in pools where the water chemistry has been allowed to get out of balance by improper maintenance, the cell may require periodic cleaning.

The “Inspect Cell” LED will indicate if cell efficiency is decreased and servicing is necessary. If the “Inspect Cell” LED remains on after a thorough cleaning, the cell may be worn and require replacement.

Procedure for Inspecting a Cell

  1. Turn power to the filter pump and chlorinator system off.
  2. Conduct a visual inspection of the cell plates thru the clear blue housing.
  3. If further inspection is needed remove the cell from its plumbing position by loosening the unions on both ends of the cell.
  4. Look into both ends of the cell.  A clean cell will have no white deposits on the plastic baffles or the metal plates. A dirty cell will have white chalky deposits which limit the flow of water thru the cell.
  5. If the cell is dirty follow the cleaning procedures, otherwise re-install the cell.

Procedure for Cleaning a Cell

  1. Turn power to the filter pump and chlorinator system off.
  2. Remove the cell from its plumbing position by loosening the unions on both ends of the cell. Unplug the cell cable from chlorinator controller.
  3.  With the cell removed use a high pressure hose nozzle to spray off as much loose scale and debris as possible.
  4. Do not use any sharp or metallic objects to remove scale or debris.  Scraping or scratching the cell plate’s edge or surface will allow chemical attack of the plates and cause premature failure of the cell and will void the warranty.
  5. If further cleaning is required the cell needs to be cleaned in a mixture of one (1) part Hydrochloric ( Muriatic) Acid into four (4) parts water. Always add the acid to the water. When using the acid make sure to use rubber gloves and appropriate eye protection.
  6. If available connect the cell to a Goldline Cell Cleaning Stand.  If this is not available place the cell in a bucket.
  7. Fill the cell if the cleaning stand is used, or bucket if not used with acid. If a bucket is used, make sure that the acid fill line is below the cable harness compartment, submerging of this area will damage the cell electronics and void the warranty.
  8. Clean the cell until the foaming action stops (normally 5 – 10 minutes).  Rinse the cell with fresh water and re-install into the plumbing line.
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