Chlorinator Pro CP-15 Cell
Replacement for Hayward™ T-Cell-15
For Pools up to 40,000 gallons
$579 + Free Shipping in USA
2 year warranty

About Chlorinator Pro – High Quality
T Cell 15 Replacement Best Price

Founded on the ideas of great value, quality and customer service, Chlorinator Pro™ was created as an alternative to the high cost of the Hayward T-CELL-15 turbo cell used in many salt water pool systems. Our generic cell, CP-15, for in-ground and above ground pools up to 40,000 gallons, allows for easy viewing of the chlorine generator process as water rushes thru the translucent cell.

Some of the Salt Water Pool Systems the Chlorinator Pro CP-15 is compatible with:

  • Goldline Controls™:  Aqua Rite™, Aqua Rite Pro™, Aqua Rite™ XL, Aqua Plus™, Pro Logic™and Aqua Logic™.
  • Hayward Pool Products:  SwimPure™ Plus, H40™ and Swim Pure + with controls™.
  • Blue Haven Pools:  SmartPure™ Sanitizer and SmartPure™ Sanitizer II.
  • Splash Super Pools:  SplashCLEAR™ and SP40™.
  • The LeverEdge:  Guardian™ .
  • Pebble Technology:  NatureSoft™.

Please send us an e-mail or call our office at 1-800-583-4154 if you have any questions that need answers.

T-Cell-15 Replacement (Fast and Easy)

Our cell is an exact size replacement so no re-plumbing of lines will be necessary. Unions are not included with cell purchase but outer rings are included for shipping purposes only. We only sell generic T-15 cells. We do not carry T-3, T-5, or T-9 compatible cells at this time. Cells are backwards compatible for Hayward systems that are capable of automatically changing t-cell settings. Firmware for AquaRite systems MUST be r1.50 and higher.

Customer service will always return phone calls.

Chlorinator Pro is not affiliated with Hayward™ or BlueWorks™ in any way.


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CP-15 Replacement Cell $579
Cell Unions (pair) $26
Flow Switch $44
Current Limiter - AquaRite $6.50

Chlorinator Pro is back in stock of salt cells and they are available to ship immediately.