Chlorinator Pro CP-15 Cell
Replacement for Hayward™ T-Cell-15
For Pools up to 40,000 gallons
$579 + Free Shipping in USA
2 year warranty


  1. This generic cell carries the following limited warranty should fault occur due to faulty manufacture or materials.

  2. Should examination disclose that the unit has failed due to faulty manufacture or materials, Chlorinator Pro warrants the original purchaser of the CP-15 unit for a period of 2 full years (Commercial installations for a period of 12 months) from the date of purchase. Warranty period starts day first cell is shipped and not date of first use.

  3. The warranty may be void if the following occurs:  (a) damage to the unit beyond Chlorinator Pro control, (b) if correct pool chemistry is not maintained, (c) the cell is not cleaned regularly or cleaned by any other method than described in our Procedure for Cleaning a Cell instructions.

  4. Units sent in in for warranty replacement or repair must be sent freight prepaid by buyer with a valid RMA claim # and Chlorinator Pro reserves the right to determine the actual cause of failure.

  5. Chlorinator Pro or its agent accept no responsibility for loss, damage or injuries to person or property arising from warranty failure of equipment, or installation of the equipment. This warranty shall not extend to any expenditure otherwise incurred.

  6. Please reference S/N located on cell and box when communicating with Chlorinator Pro.
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CP-15 Replacement Cell $579
Cell Unions (pair) $26
Flow Switch $44
Current Limiter - AquaRite $6.50

Chlorinator Pro is back in stock of salt cells and they are available to ship immediately.