Chlorinator Pro CP-15 Cell
Replacement for Hayward™ T-Cell-15
For Pools up to 40,000 gallons
$579 + Free Shipping in USA
2 year warranty

Replacement Cell Installation

When installing the replacement cell for your Aqua Rite or other compatible saltwater chlorinator systems, please follow this procedure:

  • Turn off the power to the filter pump and chlorinator system.

  • Remove the old cell from its location in the plumbing by unscrewing the unions on both ends of the cell. Unplug the cell cable from the chlorinator controller.

  • Inspect the o-rings on the two unions in the plumbing. If they are worn or damaged they should be replaced before installing the new replacement cell. Remove the white protective shipping rings from the new cell. Insert the new replacement cell into the plumbing area and tighten the two unions by hand to ensure a watertight seal. Do not use tools or over tighten unions as this may damage the unions or the replacement cell.

  • Plug the cell cable into the chlorinator controller. The power to the filter pump and chlorinator system can now be turned on.

  • The chlorinator system can now be operated as described in the manufacturer’s installation and operation manual.

  • Please be careful when installing new cell. Threads may be subject to stripping if one plumbing line is not level with other side. Take great care to slowly tighten by hand each union going back and forth until both are tightened.

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CP-15 Replacement Cell $579
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